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MITAKI Valley Shower Climbing 2017

Play with fish in a clean river

I will play in the clear stream at the MITAKI Valley, a branch of the SENDAI river pouring into the Sea of JAPAN.

What a feature is a waterslider.In the deep slipping even from the head.You can see the fish swimming.

There are several waterfalls in short distance,It is a course where the fun of shower climbing has been condensed.It is recommended for beginners,Since the interest of the waterslider differs depending on the amount of water,A lot of repeaters are on course.

The meeting place
934-141 Kitamura Kawaramachi Tottori city Tottori prefecture
30 minutes from Tottori Expressway KAWAHARA Inter

meeting time
9:15, 13:00

Time required
About 2.5 hours

Opening dates
June 1 – September 30

Experience fee
Regular price 5,000yen(Equipment rental charge included)/Per person
Group rates for 12 people or more
(Rental equipment: Wetsuits, special shoes, helmets, life jackets)

Please prepare
Swimwear, sandals, changing clothes, gloves

Please contact us.

There is a hot spring facility (YUTANISOU) nearby.

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